Windshield Replacement FAQ

Mobile replacement services usually come with windshield replacement orders. The services are free in this case but some restrictions may apply. Calling us for such details is recommended especially since our availability may be curtailed by things like weather conditions.

There is a lifetime warranty and 100% guarantee for every replacement work we handle. These includes things such as leakages which may be experienced after a windshield replacement is done. However, rust is not covered by our warranty. All we can do is treat it so as to curb the progress of the rust around the windshield area.

Normally, we use new products for replacement. These include new glass because such products are reliable. When we use used car windows given to us by our customers, we do not warranty them. Unlike used products, our products are warranted and guaranteed.

Denver windshield replacements usually take an hour or less. Each installation is completed after one day, therefore, it is advisable that you leave the orange tape on for twenty four hours. It is also recommended that you leave your car window unwashed for approximately three days. Other window installation take different amounts of time to completely install. Such details are usually communicated to our clients after an installation.

We match prices especially from competitors whose pricing is reasonable. Our replacement shops are mostly owned by installers therefore it is kind of difficult to match wholesale prices because theirs may be slightly higher.

When we experience weather changes, we still handle windshield replacement for our customers. However, we will have to do it in a sheltered area, for example, in a garage or any suitable environment. All you have to do is call us and let us handle your car window replacement in a convenient yet affordable manner.